(“A corporation and Representation Group limited”) In the early 1975, 12 miners living in North kivu province came together and founded cooperative union group (kagogo consultants groupe corelec aimed at improving the livehood of the locals. In the begin it had 200 members

Today, that number has grown to about 22,000 members who last year registered a turnover of 8,500,000 u$ million dollars. With an aim of availing savings and credit services to its members.

Kagogo consultants’ groupe corelec Ltd. Which is very unique in the sense that it has an open membership farmers and miners and a bove all to all,loan advances, crop advances, crop loan, milk advance mission to mobilize savings from the members and giving them accessible, affordable and diversified Financial products and services in order to uplift living standards and that of other stake holders.

Vision : To be a model group within Africa and our area of operation by the 2030.

To become a member, one was required to part with 10 dollar in order to get an application from and extra 50 dollar as registration fee. We did not have monthly contribution amount.

One ordinary share in the cooperative is valued at 20 dollar and members were allowed to borrow three times their personal savings payable at favourable interest.

The divided the location into units, the upper, central and North and south provinces south kivu, north kivu, kango central, Haut Katanga, nord –Ubangi Haut-Lomami, north kivu borders the provinces of orientale to the north and
north -west, Maniema to the south west, and south kivu to the south to the east it borders the countries of Uganda and Rwanda

The provinces consists of three cities Goma, Bukembo and Beni and six territories Beni, lubero, masisi, Rutshuru,Nyirangongo. The province is home to the virunga National park and word heritage site containing the endangered mountain gorillas.